Which Window Dressings Matter When It Comes to Your Family’s Privacy


Which Window Dressings Matter When It Comes to Your Family’s Privacy

Nosy neighbors are only entertaining in sitcoms. Nobody wants to have a situation where they cannot live peacefully in their own home for fear of somebody else always watching them. Privacy plays a pivotal role in how comfortable we all feel in our homes. Luckily, net curtains are not the only way to achieve this, and there are many choices available on the market, such as blinds in Dubai. Here are ways you can protect yourself from prying eyes without having to break the bank to keep nosy people out.

Blinds in Dubai

There are several types of blinds in Dubai that can fulfil your family’s privacy needs. For example, you can choose from Roman or roller Hillarys, or go for vertical or Venetian screens. These Hillarys are cost-effective and very efficient when it comes to privacy and light control. Aside from keeping a peeping tom out of your business, you can save a lot of money on energy bills since you will not need to use the air conditioner as much during the day. Even if you do use the air con, it would not have to be set at the coldest temperature. Hillarys can aesthetically fit anywhere and are less intrusive compared to curtains and bulky wooden shutters. Most materials are also water-resistant, so you can protect your bathroom and kitchen windows without worrying about dirt and grime settling on the slats. These window treatments have slats that can be tilted and shut for all the privacy you need. Blackout blinds in Dubai are the best for both privacy and light control because you can sleep during the day without direct sunlight cascading through the bedroom. No one from outside can peer into your windows, so you can have the most relaxing afternoon with nothing to worry about.

Window Films

A window film can create a translucent surface that allows natural light while preserving your family’s privacy. These are like the tints you see on the windows of many cars in the UAE. Your filmed windows will benefit from superior strength because of the added anti-shatter protection that prevents harmful UV rays from causing your furniture to fade over time. You can either get a dark film or the ones with decorative colors. The only issue is that these films do not provide the same touch of elegance as Hillarys. It may be challenging to find a design that matches your interior décor without looking like a sticker or poster you hurriedly put up. You also lose a lot of visibility compared to blinds in Dubai. Even if people cannot see into your apartment, you cannot see outside through the film either.