Aluminium Venetian Blinds

Find the perfect made-to-measure aluminium venetian blinds within our exclusive range. There are many shades and stunning patterns to select from

The venetian blinds by Hillarys Dubai. We are one of the leading brands in window treatment: we make high grade aluminum venetian blinds and wooden blinds with modern styles and trendy colors.

Aluminium Blinds from Hillarys Aluminium Blinds from Hillarys

Custom made venetial blinds are ideal for home, office or commercial places. External aluminium venetian blinds allow the daylight needed in your space, while stopping the eyes from looking inward. The two types of veneterian blinds are aluminium venetian blinds and wooden venetian blinds.

Aluminum Venetian blinds are also commonly known as horizontal blinds. In Hillarys Dubai, they are designed to elevate your windows and give you a fashionable makeover without breaking the bank. So, if you are on a budget, our exclusive Aluminum Venetian Blinds‌ is a great option especially for you.

If you plan to style your bathroom or kitchen windows. Aluminum blinds in our use are easy to use, including pull code and tilt control for maximum control over light filtration. Moreover, these blinds are very strong, moisture resistant and easy to clean. It will be ideal for washrooms and windows above your kitchen sink.

Grand 50mm aluminium venetian blinds to give you a stylish and sophisticated look. Here at Hillarys, you will find 25mm aluminium venetian blinds as well as the 50mm aluminium venetian blinds, so you can choose the design that suits your personal style and interior of your home. Both types of aluminium venetian blinds come with complete fixtures, fixing and complete installation instructions. Some of the aluminum blinds are available in several colors to match your interior.

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