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How to Clean Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are very common in Dubai, and people can’t live there without blinds. And the most common roller blinds in Dubai are blackout roller blinds which are used to reduce the heat inside a room. As in common to fabric curtains, the motorized roller blinds are used well in Dubai. Manual roller blinds are also being used but people prefer motorized roller blinds for the luxurious preference. And the price of roller blinds in Dubai varies a lot. It depends upon the quality, if it is motorized roller blinds price will increase. Every aspect of it is considered.

Roller blinds can be cleaned easily and there are two ways to be cleaned. For regular cleaning, you can just use a vacuum cleaner to vacuum it or you can use soap water and wipe it off. For deep cleaning, if you have deep stains you have to remove the blinds and wash it inside a bathtub or you can use a power washer with low power.

Regular Cleaning Method for Roller Blinds

Follow the steps below to clean your roller blinds / motorized roller blinds/blackout roller blinds;

Extend The Blinds

By extending the blinds to the fullest you can clean the complete area of the roller blind

Vacuum The Material

Use the brush attachment and begin vacuuming your blinds; moving the brush from left to right, beginning from the top, and working your way down to the base. Vacuuming is a significant advance in cleaning your blinds as it eliminates earth and flotsam and jetsam which might have gotten on your blinds preceding cleaning or washing them. if you just use water there are chances of spreading the dirt/stains throughout the blind.

Take a bowl with lukewarm water and dishwashing soap and mix it

Using around a tablespoon of soap and about a liter of water, mix together until the water turns sudsy. Try not to harsh chemical substances or bleach as these can stain the blinds. Lower a dish towel or wipe in the water and wring it out so you don’t have any excess water.

Wipe The Blinds

Start from the top and work your way around, try to use the sideway method to clean the blinds effectively. For bigger stains, giving them a more profound clean should eliminate them. Ensure you continue flushing your wipe as you go to ensure it is as perfect as could reasonably be expected.

Stain Removal

For any tough stains which don’t fall off with the foamy water you can utilize a texture stain remover; make a point to adhere to the producers directions. You can generally test the stain remover on a little top segment of the visually impaired which won’t be seen.

Leave Extended To Dry

As the blinds weren’t immersed, they won’t take long to dry. Leave them stretched out to let them dry appropriately before withdrawing.

Deep Cleaning Method for Roller Blinds

Follow the steps below to clean your roller blinds / motorized roller blinds/blackout roller blinds;

Fill The Bath With Detergent And Water

Fill the bathtub with an appropriate level of water and add dishwashing soap. the same way of how we clean on a regular basis.

Let The Blinds Soak

Soak the blinds in the bathtub for 2-3 hours and let it get soaked completely for proper effectiveness in cleaning.

Scrub The Blinds

Use a gentle bristled brush and scrub it off. Make sure you do on both sides of the blinds, that is the front and back.

Drain The Water And Rinse

Drain the dirty water from the bath and rinse the blinds with clean water to ensure all the dirt is gone.

Leave To Dry

Cleaning and maintaining your roller blinds is very important Likewise with some other household items in your home it is significant that you clean and appropriately keep up your roller blinds. Roller blinds, such as whatever else in the home, aggregate residue and earth after some time; soil and residue from outside and on the window, dust from around the house, and fingerprints. So clean and maintain your roller blinds for longevity and to be dust-free.