What Is the Difference Between Venetian and Vertical Blinds in Dubai?

Venetian blinds

Difference between Venetian and Vertical Blinds

It is very challenging to find a city that provides as much sunlight as Dubai. This is what makes blinds in Dubai such a worthy investment to protect you from the harsh heat and light, especially during summer.

Even though it is winter in Dubai, many areas like Jumeirah might still feel like you are living in the desert during the day because you are exposed to so much heat.

There are many Dubai blinds to choose from, and this might be an overwhelming process for a lot of residents. Two of the top choices of window coverings are Venetian and Vertical blinds because they offer an ideal balance of aesthetic appeal and practicality.

Here are the differences between them to help you choose which one suits your family’s needs better.


Venetian blinds in Dubai are also known as horizontal blinds because of the shape of their slats.These slats are then linked together using a sturdy ladder with a set of cords to control them.

This way, you have a secure lifting mechanism to make any adjustments quickly. If you want to let more sunlight in, all you need to do is pull the cord. Vertical blinds in Dubai move from left to right, rather than up or down. Their individual slats can also be adjusted easily.

Pull cords for vertical blinds draw the slats across your window’s length and pulls them back. With both Venetian and vertical blinds in Dubai, you can always control the amount of light by tilting their slats.


Venetian Dubai blinds are a little stronger than vertical blinds. However, this depends on the quality of the product and if you are buying from a reputable supplier.

At times, you might find vertical blinds that might be tougher. When it comes to children’s safety, Venetian blinds can be drawn out of the way so that it is harder for kids to reach them.

This is one of the biggest advantages of getting these blinds rather than vertical to prevent children or pets from pulling and breaking them.

If you are worried about broken screens, wooden ones are better because they are harder to snap or tear, compared to plastic or fabric ones.


The most beautiful blinds in Dubai are usually made of wood, but you can still buy top quality with metal, plastic, or other fabrics. Wood remains a popular choice because of its elegant and natural look.

Your rooms will get a refined and timeless look that reeks of sophistication. The main difference in appearance between Venetian and vertical Dubai blinds is that one draws upwards to let light enter, while the other draws from side to side.

It all depends on what your personal preference is in terms of practicality because they both come in a wide variety of beautiful colours to uplift your interior décor.