Are Vertical Blinds in Dubai Going Out of Style?

vertical blinds

Vertical Blinds in Dubai

Vertical blinds in Dubai have a series of vertical slats that can be twisted to open or close. These slats or louvers are linked together with a chain and can be controlled using a cord that is either on the far left or right side of your Dubai blinds.

The slats can be made using different fabrics if you prefer unique colours and prints to create a variety of contemporary looks.

Aside from their attractive appearance, the slats on the Dubai blinds can also dim out excess sunlight and reduce glare so you can manage your indoor light more effectively for baby rooms, home cinemas, or home offices.

You can also use vertical blinds in the kitchen with moisture-resistant and easy wipe PVC finishes.

Why Are Vertical Blinds Still Popular?

If you have sizeable full-length glazing because of bi-folding or sliding garden doors at your villa in Jumeirah, vertical Dubai blinds are ideal because they provide maximum light control and slat adjustments for privacy.

This matters most when there is a lot of heat and sunlight during the day, which Dubai is famous for. You can re-position the slats to manipulate light for your benefit throughout the day, and never have to deal with glare while watching a movie or working from home.

Since most people are still on lockdown due to coronavirus, it is recommended to spend time outside in the garden each day for some fresh air. Then you can pull your Dubai curtains out of the way with ease.

Can Vertical Blinds Be Used in Conservatories?

Since vertical blinds in Dubai are exceptional when it comes to controlling powerful sunlight that the UAE has in abundance throughout the year, they are the best choice for a conservatory.

As the sun moves across this space, you can adjust the slats accordingly to keep out intense heat if you like to relax in the conservatory during the day without it feeling like a steam room.

Are Vertical Blinds Good for Large Bay Windows?

Vertical blinds are the most versatile option when it comes to affordable window treatments to protect any room. You will never have to worry about them not fitting a space because the headrail can be moulded to work with bay or curved windows.

You can also get the individual slats cut into different lengths to place on any sized window, even if they are sloping.

Do Vertical Blinds Always Need A Chain?

If chains aren’t your thing, you can always buy your vertical blinds in Dubai with chain-less weights. Then each louver is weighted around the bottom.

This eliminates the need for linking chains to stabilize the screens. This provides a neater look while also being safe for doorways if you have children and pets passing through often.