How to Transform Your Home with Curtains in Abu Dhabi?

Curtains Abu Dhabi

Home transformation with Abu Dhabi Curtains

The heavenly winter months in the United Arab Emirates are slowly coming to an end, and we will soon be hit by the warm months that make our homes feel like a sauna without air conditioning.

Every resident needs a high-quality pair of curtains in Abu Dhabi to protect them from the harsh summer heat and direct sunlight.

curtains Abu Dhabi with light fabrics also give our homes a bright and airy aesthetic appeal. Here are some tips to help you transform your home with curtains in Dubai just in time for the pre-summer season.

The Lining of Your Abu Dhabi Curtains

Many people believe that thick lining with thermal features is only useful during winter and must be replaced before summer hits.

However, a blackout lining can also help repel direct sunlight more effectively than other materials.

If your rooms become too hot during the day without air conditioning, you might benefit from using thermal Abu Dhabi curtains with voiles for privacy.

Blackout curtains Dubai would be best for bedrooms if the bright morning sun interrupts your sleep, especially on the weekends when you deserve a lazy day in bed.

The Colour of Your Curtains

Lighter colours are best for curtains Dubai. Whether it is winter or summer, these colours always provide a bright and airy ambiance.

They also match with wall patterns and furniture pieces more easily than dark colours. White or neutral colours do not have to be standalone if you want to achieve the fresh summer look.

Some pastel shades work exceptionally well if you have bold or dark furniture and want to strike the right balance. If you need to use dark colours and heavy fabrics, use them minimally to avoid absorbing all the heat from outside.

Otherwise, you might feel like sitting inside an oven in the afternoon.

The Material of Your Curtains

Medium weight or heavy linen is one of the most popular choices for lightweight and durable curtains in Dubai because it has an unmatched elegance. However, you can also get other high-quality synthetic mixes that are available in a wide range of patterns and styles.

These are usually more cost-effective if you are making some seasonal changes with your interior design. Keep in mind that linin fabric wrinkles fast and some might appear stiff. The best is to dry clean your linin Abu Dhabi curtains to help them look and fall better by removing wrinkles and moisture absorption.

For durable options that hang elegantly and do not wrinkle, you might consider faux silk for a sunny room. Unlike real silk, this does not deteriorate quickly. Voile is a woven fabric that is also lightweight, soft, and sheer. This is usually made from a hundred percent cotton, but it can also come in polyester.

Thanks to its delicate surface with a beautiful drape, it is one of the best options for making natural light pop in a home office or living room.